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Cheryl-Lee Howard

NCURA Region II Cheryl-Lee Howard “Mentor Me” Program

The NCURA Region II Steering Committee met on December 18th, 2013, and a motion was passed to rename the “NCURA Region II Mentor Me Program” the “NCURA Region II Cheryl-Lee Howard Mentor Me Program” (“Mentor Me”).  The name will be used in all communication about the mentoring program.

Cheryl-Lee Howard was the Assistant Provost, University Research Projects Administration at Johns Hopkins University and was involved in research administration for more than 30 years.   Cheryl served as NCURA Treasurer and President, and was on the Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Finance and Budget Committee, Nominating and Leadership Development Committee, Professional Development Committee, and was the Treasurer of both Region I and Region II.  She was the fifteenth recipient of NCURA’s award for Outstanding Achievement in Research Administration – NCURA’s most prestigious award recognizing significant contributions to the profession of Research Administration, and was also the recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Service Award.

Cheryl was well-known throughout the research administration community as a mentor to both her staff at Johns Hopkins as well as to the NCURA community at large. Cheryl believed that people in leadership positions are obligated to help others find and navigate their leadership path, and that training and education are very important for those seeking personal and professional development and enrichment.  That many of Cheryl’s staff have gone on to positions in research administration such as Assistant Director, Director, Assistant Vice President and Associate Vice Provost shows that she excelled at helping others find their way to leadership positions.

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